Canon CJ45x9.7B IASE-V UHD 4K ENG Lens with Remotes, Support and Case

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Complete with Full Servo Remotes, Canon Support and Case

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Canon CJ45ex9.7B IASE-V H 2/3" 45x UHDxs 4K Digital ENG/EFP Super Telephoto Lens

Stellar and robust super-telephoto 4K lens with ultra-high zoom– ideal for sports and wildlife capture


  • Superior optomechanical build 4K lens
  • Excellent mobility, ideal for outside broadcasts
  • Produce reliably rock-solid and precise footage
  • Relish the flexibility to grab the perfect shot
  • Built for shooting dynamic scenes on the move

A class-redefining 4K lens with advanced multigroup zoom system for improved super-telephoto performance and outstanding portability. The perfect and complete option for live sports and entertainment. This lens is a specialist 4K broadcast lens combining supreme optical performance with the versatility to excel in a variety of shooting scenarios.

The largest zoom of any lens in its class, with the ultra-high 45x ratio giving operators unmatched versatility for outside broadcast scenarios. The brilliant 4K optical performance is maintained even at a telephoto-end focal length of 437 mm or 874 mm when used with built in 2x extender). While Steadfast optics provide supreme performance across all zoom ranges, from the center of the image to the edges, maintained when the built-in 2x extender is employed.


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