Canon XJ86x9.3B HD Box Lens With IS not working

***** SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****

Lens is in good working Condition except Image Stabilizer not working

Complete with Full Servo remotes, Canon Support and Cases

Lens was serviced by Canon. All functions are working except the Image Stabilizer function

Fully Serviced with Canon
Only Image Stabilizer not working properly 
Complete set with Full Servo Remotes, Canon Support and Case
Dent on 1 side of the front element. No damage on the lens itself. Only cosmetic issue.
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The DIGISUPER 86II xs & DIGISUPER 86II TELE xs are an extraordinary field lens that utilizes Canon's new optical design concept "POWER OPTICAL SYSTEM" and " -Element". By adopting this new technology and concept, the DIGISUPER 86 xs realizes the necessary optical performance for HDTV, with increased zoom ratio of 86x, improved wide angle of 9.3mm while still maintaining the size equivalent to that of current SDTV lenses.


Canon has developed this breakthrough optical design concept using a newly developed optical element in the most effective way. We have named this design concept the "Power Optical System" which achieves higher specifications and quality using the optical " -Element" which virtually eliminates aberrations.

Image Stabilizer

The history of field lenses is a history of zoom ratio/focal length extension. It came to a point where the industry thought it would be impossible to push the envelope any further. The telephoto focal lengths of the lens got so long that even the slightest amount of wind or operator movement would cause image shake and viewing the picture became intolerable, this was before Canon announced the incredible magnification DIGISUPER 86 xs zoom lens. Canon, renowned for its optical image stabilization technologies, developed another new stabilization solution for the broadcast field lens, a built-in Optical Shift Image Stabilizer

(Shift-IS) to overcome image shaking at telephoto focal length. Now the Shift-IS is employed in the DIGISUPER 86II xs & DIGISUPER 86II TELE xs.

"CAFS" Constant Angle Focusing System

The zooming effect of focus is the phenomena where the picture size (angle of view) changes when focusing (breathing). However, a 32bit CPU calculates and controls the zoom when focusing in order to counteract these phenomena. Thus the DIGISUPER 86II xs & DIGISUPER 86II TELExs have zero zooming effect of focus throughout the whole zoom range.


Available optionally is the dual aspect ratio switching system, "CROSSOVER", for switchable 16:9/4:3 cameras.

Canon's latest generation digital servo system allows the use of many new functions such as constant angle of view while focusing "CAFS" and the selection of different servo characteristics. These functions are only possible with a digital servo system. In addition to these new functions, the upgrading of software will be possible when new functions become available in the future. This means that the DIGISUPER 86II xs & DIGISUPER 86II TELExs have unlimited possibilities.


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