Canon XJ95x8.6B HD Box Lens

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The DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B) is a super-telephoto lens that provides a range of imaging possibilities that conventional field lenses cannot match

The Canon 8.6-820mm DIGISUPER 95 XJ95X8.6B Super-Telephoto Lens incorporates advanced lens technology for reproducing detailed images. A combination of a wide focal length of 8.6mm and a 95x zoom range helps in capturing far-off objects accurately and clearly.

Along with greater imaging capability, this lens also offers good optical performance and image stabilization. This lens also provides high-quality picture sharpness across the 16:9 HD image plane.

The aspherical lens technology and exotic glass materials help overcome lateral chromatic aberration, monochromatic aberrations, and geometric distortion. Canon's Advanced Stabilization System has an improved optical shift-type stabilizer that incorporates a sensor inside the lens for detecting vibrations. Compensating optics are then engaged at a high speed to cancel out any effect on the image.

This lens also features CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System) to counteract breathing, a phenomenon that occurs while focusing or changing the picture size / angle of view. Via a 32-bit CPU, the zoom is calculated and controlled to give an almost zero zooming effect of focus.

This Super-Telephoto lens provides good tracking capability and pan and tilt functionality. With a 20-pin lens interface, it works effortlessly with a wide range of virtual systems.


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