Hitachi Z-HD6500 1080p Studio Production Camera Package

Step up your live HD broadcast productions with the Hitachi Z-HD6500 1080p Studio Production Camera Package, which provides pristine imaging at rates up to 1080p59.94 with its three 2/3″ CMOS sensors and the included CU-HD650U Camera Control Unit (CCU). A global shutter creates crisp image quality without the “Jello” effect found with rolling shutters, and it supports HDR, HLG, and both SD and HD video resolutions.

Features include an integrated optical ND filter wheel, servo control, HDR and HLG support, 1000 TVL resolution, 3G-SDI I/O, high sensitivity, a selectable gamma table, and more. The B4 bayonet lens mount accepts a separately available servo lens. This modular camera is housed in a lightweight unibody design, and this package also includes the TA-Z3 tripod plate, HDF-700H-S2 7" color studio viewfinder, the HK-700-S2 studio viewfinder cradle mount, and the RU-1000VR compact remote control.

  • Three 2/3", 3840 x 2160 global shutter CMOS image sensors
  • 1000 TVL HD resolution
  • High sensitivity of f/10
  • Minimum sensitivity of 2 lux
  • >62 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Streamlined, unibody lightweight camera chassis with low center of gravity
  • New state-of-the-art processors for future-proof, advanced digital processing technology
  • Multi-format global design output signals for most TV broadcast and production standards
  • SMPTE-311M hybrid optical fiber cable provides transmission and camera power up to 6500'
  • Single-mode fiber can be used up to 6.2 miles without external adapters or accessories (with external head power)
  • High-performance HD offers simultaneous 1080p, 1080i, and 720p output
  • Dual workflow with simultaneous HDR and SDR
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) with HLG and adjustable profiles
  • Motorized optical filter wheel
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated prompter power, video monitoring, and intercom connectivity at the camera body
  • Independent HD-SDI viewfinder output for crane or jib installations
  • Trunk data interface for video transport and control of TCP/IP-capable devices connected to the camera head
  • Control panels (SU-1000 and RU-1500 series) can control up to 128 cameras over a TCP/IP network
  • Two independent CCU returns; inputs can be HD-SDI single or dual link, or SD analog or digital selectable
  • RLAC (real-time lens aberration correction) improves the image captured by most modern digital lenses
  • Direct data transfer from SD memory cards used at the camera head and control panels
  • HD signal linear masking and 12-vector color correction
  • Ultra-gamma (selectable gamma table)
  • Preset masking (6 settings: DEFAULT, ITU-709, SMPTE-240M, SMPTE-2020, NTSC, EBU)
  • 3-channel flesh-tone masking and multiple memory; flesh-tone detail correction settings
  • Color knee, knee saturation, and knee detail functions
  • Real-time and offline diagnostic system with character display superimposed on PIX video output


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