Fujinon UA80x9 BESM 4K Box Lens with Cartoni Master 65 and Sport 200 Tripod

Complete with Full Servo Remotes, Canon Support and Cases

and Demo unit Cartoni Master 65 with Sport 200 Tripod

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The Cartoni Sport 200 Tripod with Master 65 Head is a fluid head system built for larger outdoor broadcast cameras with box lenses. Designed to accommodate long lenses, the silicone film fluid drag system helps attain ultrasmooth camera movements, though it can also be loosened to allow quick, effortless pans. Counterbalance your camera at any tilt angle when shooting up at a stage or down towards a playing field. The fluid head's platform slides and can be fine-tuned to find a precise balance for a wide range of body and lens combinations.

Cartoni Master 65 Head with Dovetail Plate and Two Telescopic Pan Handles

The Cartoni Master 65 Head with Dovetail Plate and Two Telescopic Pan Handles is a fluid head designed with a large payload range for outdoor broadcast cameras with box lenses weighing up to 176 lb. Featuring a flat base, the head easily mounts on a set of Mitchel mount legs or a pedestal with a Mitchell mount. The dovetail plate easily handles cameras, even up to the load capacity, and the fluid head's camera platform slides for balancing your camera on the head.

Continuously adjustable counterbalance features a digital readout, so you can precisely tune the head's response to your camera. Pan and tilt drag are each individually adjustable and continuously adjustable as well. The head pans a full 360° and tilts forward and back 65°. The built-in illuminated bubble level confirms that your fluid head is level and features a replaceable battery.

Center of Gravity and Payload
Depending on the center of gravity, the maximum payload of the head will vary. At 200mm it can support 143 lb, at 175mm it can support 154 lb, and at 150mm it can support 176 lb.
Sliding Balance Camera Platform
The fluid head comes equipped with the standard dovetail plate that mounts on a large sliding platform, which features a crank for making precise adjustments. The platform is indexed for repeatable balance adjustment.
The Master 65 comes equipped with a digital readout for counterbalance reference and an illuminated spirit bubble.
Fluid Drag
The fluid drag system is based on silicon film, which provides consistent drag as you increase it, and it has nearly freewheeling operation when drag is set to minimum.
Pan Handle Rosettes
The head features two rosettes, one on each side.
Cartoni Sport 200 Heavy-Duty Tripod Legs

If you need to support extra-heavy camera-and-lens setups in outdoor locations, consider the Sport 200 Heavy-Duty Tripod Legs from Cartoni. Developed with sports videographers in mind, the Sport 200 handles loads up to 441 lb while weighing only 23 lb. The Sport 200 is built to endure rain, dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Moreover, it is equipped with a telescopic mid-level spreader that can give you an extra-wide footprint for stability in windy conditions.

Setup is fast and comfortable—each leg has an engraved second section, positive rotary locking knobs, and safety pins. The bubble level is located on the side of the platform. The upper section accepts classic Mitchell flat base heads and four standard Vinten bolts. Each foot incorporates a stainless steel spike for soft terrains and a pivoting rubber pad for flat surfaces. The Sport 200 is compatible with the separately available HD Dolly and HD floor spreader.


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